A critical requirement for automated driving systems is enabling situational awareness in dynamically changing environments. To that end vehicles will be equipped with diverse sensors, e.g., LIDAR, cameras, (mmWave) radar, etc. Unfortunately the sensing ‘coverage’ and ‘reliability’ of a single vehicle is limited by environmental obstructions, e.g., other vehicles, buildings, people, objects etc. A possible solution is to adopt collaborative sensing amongst vehicles possibly assisted by infrastructure, wherein vehicles can leverage sensor data from other vehicles to create a more accurate picture of their environment. This project is geared at explores on one hand (1)  notions of coverage and reliablity for collaborative sensing, and (2) the vehicle to vehicle, and vehicle to infractructre communication network requiremeents to support such collaboration. Along the way we are exploring ways of optimizing resource allocation for collaborative sensing applications.

Collaborative Sensing Coverage
Coverage Vs Penetration