Current Initiatives

  • Cooperative Mapping for Automated Vehicles

    Making and updating accurate prior maps using a specialized vehicle fleet is expensive and cumbersome. A key enabler for large-scale up-to-date maps will be enlisting the help of the very vehicles who need the map—consumer vehicles—to build and update the map.

  • Using Cellular Infrastructure in Transportation Applications

    ​Millimeter-wave joint vehicular communication and radar would allow intelligent transportation systems to simultaneously reap the benefits of autonomously sensing the driving environment...

  • Automotive Radar Using WiFi and DSRC Signals

    Recent mandates for automation in vehicular transportation safety have increased demand for radar applications such as forward collision detection and avoidance.

  • Position-Aided Beam Alignment for mmWave Systems

    ​Beam alignment of arrays at this scale is challenging due to the overhead in determining the optimal transmit and receive beams. Existing beam alignment schemes proposed for mmWave applications are largely based on beam sweeping...


    The majority of current collision detection systems use radars, lasers, or cameras. The goal of this project is to demonstrate that systems that rely solely on radar are not as effective as systems with both radar and dedicated short-range communications (DSRC).

  • Automated Intersections Without Traffic Lights (AIM)

    This project "AIM"s to create a scalable, safe, and efficient multi-agent framework for managing autonomous vehicles at intersections.

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