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Industrial Affiliate Program

SAVES was created to address the challenges of wireless, networking, and sensing in vehicular systems. SAVES brings together academic and industry stakeholders in different domains of the automotive market, with an emphasis on communication and information technologies. The SAVES initiative provides a common framework for the development of advanced vehicle connectivity, infrastructure to support connectivity, technologies for sensing--including imaging, radar and location--and applications of connectivity.  The SAVES Industrial Affiliate Program facilitates collaboration between industry, government, and academia.  SAVES works in close partnership with WNCG and CTR.

Become an Affiliate

Joining SAVES is a great way to establish a presence in communication and sensing in automotive systems. The most common path into SAVES is Level II membership.  For an annual fee of $100k, Level-II SAVES members are granted full membership in the WNCG Industrial Affiliate Program, with all its associated benefits (board meeting, summit, open house, etc), and in the Business Advisory Council of the US Department of Transportation Center D-STOP, with its associated benefits (yearly D-STOP summit, access to all D-STOP research). Level II membership fees also directly support student research and programs. Specifically, your Level II annual fee helps support one graduate student in a research direction of your choice.

SAVES offers other means of engagement. Level N memberships are available to provide additional direct support in a direction of your choice. For example, a Level IV membership will provide support for three GRAs at a cost of $100k+$50k+$50k=$200k. Alternatively, companies may join at a Level I rate of $50k, but provide support for research through another means, for example a sponsored project agreement. SAVES is also open to membership of from government entities. Please contact us for more information about how you can be a part of SAVES.

Recipient Total
Base SAVES Membership $50,000
Each Targeted Research Initiative $50,000
(Level II) $100,000

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Level III
Level IV
Level V
Level VI
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Level VIII

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